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Visit Goldfield Ghost Town

Goldfield Ghost Town, established in 1893, remains one of the coolest attractions in Apache Junction. The ghost town is located between the majestic and haunting Superstition Mountains and the Goldfield Mountains. The town became a settlement in 1893 when gold was found. Shortly after, the mine was viewed as profitable for the town. Because the mine… Read more

goldfield ghost town

Ahoy! Take a Cruise on the Dolly Steamboat!

Located just outside of Apache Junction, a glorious Canyon Lake lies nestled in the Superstition Mountains, which are in Tortilla Flat. On that lake is the Dolly Steamboat. The Dolly has been sailing the Apache Trail since 1983, but cruising the waters of Canyon Lake has been a tradition since 1925. The Dolly has many… Read more

dolly steamboat